What kind of a person blows SOMEONE ELSE’S MONEY on an online game?

People today…they continue to blow my mind.

Check out this story and see if you think this woman acted like an a**hole for kicking her sister out of her house.

AITA for kicking my sister out when she blew MY money on online game?

“My (22f) sister 27f, has been living with me and my 3 month old for the last 2 months after her company liquidated. She wasn’t there long enough to receive a redundancy payment so she was kind of screwed.

Aside from the issue here, are was a good housemate. She was clean, had people over but never too many or too often, helped out with the baby. Just generally okay to live with, especially since she has actually been job hunting.

Now the problem is, my sister was a recovered gambling addict. All of her bank cards have gambling blocks in place, because her addiction was so severe. She even would blow money on online games, such as Coin Master this time. It doesn’t even need to be real money she’s winning, just the spinny s**t gives her that happy chemical. All it results in is losing money.

She was using my tablet to do this, which I unknowingly had Google pay set up on. I never changed the settings so that I’d need a password to buy anything on the play store, since I thought I was the only person with access to it. I was wrong.

Yesterday alone, my sister managed to blow my entire paycheck on coin master, and I wasn’t aware until this morning when I went to get my groceries, but my card declined. I checked my banking app, and emails and she had managed to spend everything on game packs.

This meant that I wasn’t able to grocery shop for the next two weeks, and while I can survive on what I have, the baby cannot, because we’re low on everything for him but I can’t get what I need. I’ve posted on FB groups and stuff but they havent been much help yet.

I admit, I was maybe more angry than I should’ve been at my sister, and as soon as I got home, I kicked her out. I didn’t give her a reason, or let her know I know she spent everything, I just kicked her out.

When our parents called to ask why, I explained snd they said I’m being unfair, that since I didn’t set up necessary protection and knowing she has a problem, I’m being an asshole. They won’t speak to me now, and have taken my sister, who blocked me, in.


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