Laughing is great and all, but what happens if you laugh at someone and you hurt your feelings?

And what if that person is your sister-in-law?

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AITA for laughing at my pregnant sister-in-law?

“So yesterday I (16f) and some family had dinner at my dads.

My sil (26f) ill call her macy and my two brothers were there.onto the actual story macy is 3 months pregnant and tbh i cant even tell she’s pregnant yet. But while we were eating dinner macy asked my little brother shaun(14m) to go get her a dr pepper from the fridge(he would’ve got her one but we were literally all eating dinner and the fridge that has our good drinks is all the way in the garage).

He said “no there’s sweet tea in the kitchen tho” and i kid you not she stood at and said “i demand you to get me my drink”. I thought that was so goofy to say so i started laughing which made shaun start laughing to.macy looked at us and picked up her and my older brother dannys(28m) stuff and left.

That was last night and all today I’ve been getting messages from my brother and macys sister saying that “im a little b**ch for laughing at a pregnant woman like that” and that “i have no shame” and “my little brother is a lazy bastard who could’ve just done macy a simple favor”.

My dad also thought i was rude for laughing,the only people on my side are my mom and shaun.


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