Why, oh why, can’t people keep secrets anymore?

Or maybe they never could…is that possible?

Whatever the case, the fact remains that folks out there just can’t keep their mouths shut…and sometimes they have to pay the price.

Was this woman an a**hole for what she did to her mother-in-law?

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AITA for “lying” to my MIL about the gender of our baby after she promised to keep it a secret?

“I didn’t really want a gender reveal party but my husband’s family made a big deal about it so I agreed.

My mother-in-law was convinced that I knew the gender and insisted I tell her. I totally didn’t and I told her that fact.

She wore me down after a month of bothering me about it. She begged me and promised that she wouldn’t tell anyone. This was all in texts. I told her it was a girl.

I figured it was a 50/50 chance and it would get he off my back.

Well she lied. When we cut the cake to reveal a blue inside there was a really awkward silence. She had told literally all of the guests from her side of the family so they could bring appropriate gifts.

My friends and family quickly gathered around to congratulate is on our son.

She came over and hissed at me that I made her look stupid. I reminded her that she had PROMISED not to tell anyone.

She said she had never promised so I showed her our text conversation. Some of he family were right there when I did that so they heard her admit that she lied and had never intended to keep that promise.

She said that it was a d**k move and that I only did it to embarrass her. I again reminded her that o had told her on multiple occasions that I did not know the gender.

My husband wants me to apologize to keep the peace. I probably will but I don’t think I was an a**hole like she seems to think.”

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