If someone got rid of my dog without my permission, I’d lose my s**t.

And then I’d lose my mind.

So I’m really in this woman’s corner on this one.

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AITA because I made my parents homeless for getting rid of my dog?

“I (F27) lived with my parents until last week.

I have a dog that I love. She has been my best friend since I graduated university. I am not very social, and I prefer her company to most people I know.

I have had boyfriends and even a short relationship that ended amicably. I am just not really interested in much beyond my work and my dog.

My parents think that this is a shortcoming, but I do not. My brother also lives with us. He is in high school and he doesn’t pay rent.

I pay about 50% of everything in the house. Including groceries. It is about the same as rent would cost. And I get the basement suite.

It isn’t a legal suite in the sense that it could be rented but it is fine for a family member. It is because of building codes and stuff. It would cost a bunch of money to make it suitable for a renter.

So my mom decided that the reason I am not actively looking for a husband is because my dog takes too much of my attention. My pup has some health problems but nothing I can’t afford. And nothing that affects her quality of life.

So my mom gave her away. While I was at work. I came home and she was gone, along with all her stuff. Her toys her leash. Everything.

I lost it on my mom. I told her if she didn’t tell me where my dog was I was calling the cops and saying that they had stolen my dog and having her charged.

I went to the place where my dog was and got my dog back.

I then went back to my parents house and packed all my stuff that was important to me and went to a friend’s house.

My dad has been calling and texting me asking about money for October. I told him he should have thought about that when he allowed a crazy person to steal from me.

Since my dad lost his job because of the current world disease they cannot afford all the household bills without my help.

My dad says that they will be out of money in three months without me. I don’t trust them anymore.

My family thinks I am an asshole for caring more about my dog than I do about them.

To answer some questions I know will come up. Yes I am on the spectrum. I may also lean towards Ace even though I have enjoyed s** with men before.


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