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AITA for making inappropriate noises when my mother in-law called my husband’s phone at 2 AM?

“My husband Kevin and I got married months ago, ever since we moved away, his moms started calling more often. She had a mental breakdown when she heard we were moving, she begged we stay near cause she “needs him” though her 2 older sons are there.

Anyhow, she’d call at random times then started calling in the middle of the night, specifically at 2AM. I thought that was so weird but she said she wanted to hear Kevin’s voice but was too busy to call during the day.

Kevin responds to her call every time saying he’s worried there might be an emergency…it’s exhausting, and completely ruins our alone time. I asked her to call at like 10 but no, she kept calling at 2. Kevin said he can’t bring himself to ignore her calls and asked that I be patient.

Last night, I decided I wasn’t having it, I waited til Kevin was asleep and put his phone on vibrate and waited for her to call, 2 O’clock rolls around and the phone starts vibrating on the nightstand. I stretch my arm to answer and then I start making s&x noises from the bed, I’m talking full on moaning and then some dirty talk then moaning, few seconds in and she ends the call. Kevin wakes up and asks if I was alright I tell him it’s just the fever then he goes back to sleep.

I woke up to a complete disaster with Kevin angrily asking wtf I did last night when his mom called, clearly she was livid and mortified cause Kevin said I just “traumatized” her by having her think we were having s* when she called. I told him what I did and insisted it was just out of frustration but he said I shouldn’t have done that and embarrassed him, and made his mom “uncomfortable”.

I said she was calling at 2AM!. He said still, I acted childishly and potentially harmed his relationship with her. I told him to just tell her I was behind this and he said “Oh don’t worry about it, I will” then demanded I apologize to her immediately but her shaming texts made me refuse.

I might’ve went about this the wrong way but I was just frustrated that’s all.


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