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AITA having my husband sleep on the couch knowing he’s going to wake up very sore?

“I’ve been sick for over a week. He hasn’t done anything to help me while I’m sick. (Food, etc)

I told him I’m extremely disappointed. Ive mentioned it 3x since I’ve gotten sick. Tonight it blew up. He said I’m not sick enough to have to be taken care of. He said I have a horrible cold, not cancer.

I have been sleeping on the couch (I’m much shorter and smaller. The couch isn’t uncomfortable to me). I’ve been sleeping there so he didn’t get sick.

My feelings are if I’m not sick enough for you to help out at all, I’m not sick enough for you to worry about getting sick from me sleeping in our bed.

I’m now lying in my bed.

But of course, I am sick enough to not sleep next to me. So he’s on the couch.

AITA to know he’s going to wake up sore as anything, even though I’m really upset with him.”

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