I think I’m stating the obvious here, but this family dynamic does NOT sound good.

Not even a little bit.

But we all have family issues, right?

Think about how you’d react if you were in this young girl’s shoes and see if you think she acted like an a**hole for what she did…

AITA for moving my money to a different account after my stepmother threatened me with taking them from me?

“15F here. Step mother and I obviously don’t get along. She’s been my step mother for 1.5 years.

The money that I have was in a joint account (me and my dad), but step mother had access to the debit card and pin number. I earned this money myself (selling handcrafted items). I broke curfew a few days ago and she suggested that she is considering whether to take 20% of my money out of the account as a fine for punishment and every time this happens she will take 20% more until nothing is left.

I was very upset about her threat and decided that I should move my money before she takes it away. I logged in online and transferred all of it to my big brother’s account that night and the next day we went to open a joint bank account with my brother and we moved the money there. So she doesn’t have access to it anymore.

So upon learning what happened my dad and step mom are furious at me (and my brother). Step mom is focused on the fact that I’ve taken away her means of punishment and my dad is upset that I didn’t trust him enough to protect my money (he insists he wouldn’t have allowed it).

Step mom has banned me from seeing my brother (it’s meaningless, I don’t accept her authority to do this) and my dad says he’s hurt that I didn’t trust him and as a result he doesn’t trust me anymore.

AITA for moving the money?”

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