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AITA for telling my sister she’s free to criticize my work as soon as she accomplishes anything in life without our parents holding her hand?

“While our parents loved me (30F) and my younger sister, Olivia (27F), we were not treated equally or held to the same standards. I always was expected to be a hardworking, accountable child and make responsible choices.

But Olivia was encouraged to have fun, and our parents bailed her out whenever she made an irresponsible decision. For example, when Olivia performed poorly in school due to not making an effort, they would pay tutors to do her homework. But if I genuinely struggled in a subject, they would tell me to figure it out myself.

Their justification was that Olivia was the baby sister, and she needed more help and attention than I did. But they have still clung to this excuse when Olivia is well into adulthood. I still love my parents, but due to their favoritism, I am honestly closer with my husband’s parents than with my own.

My parents helped financially with the first two years of college then I had to cover the rest of my bachelor’s and master’s degrees by myself. They financially supported all of Olivia’s education. Olivia wanted to become an RN, just like our mother and grandma. But she could not pass most of her general education courses and eventually dropped out because she said it was too hard for her.

Olivia then convinced our parents to invest a massive amount of money in her to begin a business. She owned a store that sold things like candles and bath bombs, but the store went bankrupt after a year. Currently, Olivia is unemployed and living with our parents; She claims she is “figuring herself out,” which means she is mainly partying and spending time with her high school friends.

Olivia is upset because many of her old friends are no longer in the area. She will call me to express her disappointment because her friends are moving on with lives and families of their own, and they have less and less time for her. I tell Olivia I am sorry to hear that and that I have to hang up soon.

We celebrated my son’s second birthday with a family dinner. I was talking with my aunt-in-law about my students. I work as a creative writing tutor on the side to pick up some extra money. I help my students with world-building and whatever else they need help with in their stories. My students are all passionate people with genuinely good ideas. And it feels as if we’re just having a conversation.

Olivia joined and asked a few questions, then commented, “Not like you would ever be able to make it big yourself. No offense, sis.” I responded, “Livvy, a quick reminder that you have accomplished nothing in your life without mom or dad holding your hand. As soon as you do, you can criticize my work all you’d like.”

Olivia was, of course, offended and started causing a scene. My parents and a few other relatives said my response was cruel, and I was out of line to say it. But my husband and his family say that Olivia invited it after insulting me first, so I am conflicted about if I am in the wrong. I am hoping for some unbiased perspectives.”

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