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And a teenage girl asked readers on the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit if she acted like a jerk because she felt like she did what she had to do when she took her brother to a movie.

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AITA for purposefully sending my cousin the wrong timing for a movie so the others could enjoy?

“My (16F) brother Nate (17M) was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) when he was 12. At first I walked on eggshells around him but things are much better now.

Most family members know and understand that IED is not just tantrums but a serious issue, some do not. One of my cousins, Kira (17F) is one of those people.

Ever since my parents informed the family about Nate being diagnosed she has done nothing but intentionally push his buttons at every family gathering, outing or whenever we are together.

My parents have talked to my uncle and aunt about this but they brush it off calling it pranks.

Now my parents will not under any cost damage relations with my dad’s brother and his family or my dad’s other siblings.

None of my other cousins like Kira or her family. We are forced to be cordial because of our parents. Kira has to be invited every time us cousins hang out together, most of the time ending with Nate being triggered by Kira.

The day before yesterday we all planned to watch a movie. Our parents knew this so of course they told Kira’s parents who told her. She messaged me and asked me where and when we were all were supposed to meet at.

My brother had been really looking forward to this movie and meeting our cousins after a few months in person. He had also been in a really good mood and I didn’t want Kira to ruin it so I did what I thought was best at the time. I gave her the wrong timing. I told my cousins and Nate what I did and they were fully onboard.

After the movie finished, we came out of the theater and waited for some time in the parking lot. As soon as we saw Kira pulling over, waving at us, all of us waved back with the sweetest smiles, made a run for our cars, got in and left.

As expected when me and Nate reached home we were immediately ambushed by our parents about why we ‘abandoned’ Kira. Apparently she had cried all the way home.

My parents grounded me and Nate for 2 weeks. He surprisingly took it well and said it was worth it. The rest of my cousins were grounded as well. I did text them telling them they could tell their parents it was my idea but my cousins refused and reiterated what my brother had said.

I thought that was the end of it but my parents have been really hurt by this and said me and Nate humiliated them in front of Kira’s parents and that Kira has been inconsolable since.

Edit – So a lot of people are wondering why I invited her rather than telling her outright not to come. I didn’t invite her. My parents did. Also if I tried to deny the invitation then none of my aunts or uncles or my parents would have let us go.

I see how waiting around may have been an a**hole move.

So Reddit, idk, AITA?”

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