What is it with people who invite OTHER people along on vacations…without asking their significant other?

I’d blow my top if that happened!

And this woman wants to know if she was out of line for not going on vacation because her boyfriend invited a friend without telling her.

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AITA for refusing to go on vacation with my boyfriend because he invited his friend without telling me?

“So in a couple of weeks my boyfriend and i have planned to go to France for a couple of days as a “romantic getaway” his own words not mine, just to spend some quality time together because we’ve both been busy with work.

I was excited about the trip and to spend some quality time with my boyfriend but then he drops this bombshell on me.

He invited one of his friends because apparently he’s always wanted to see France so my boyfriend thought he would be kind and asked his friend to come along.

So this was a big shock to me and told my boyfriend about my concerns, he told me that his friend has already paid for his flight ticket and he said that he was planning on either changing our hotel room to a room with 2 beds or his friend would sleep on the sofa.

He did all of this without telling me a thing.

I told my boyfriend that quite frankly, i don’t want his friend to come and it was supposed to be a romantic getaway, but he said that his friend wont bother us and he’ll do his own thing, but i don’t know, i just don’t feel comfortable with it.

We argued for a bit more with him saying that he paid for most of the trip so he feel’s entitled to be able to bring his friend along.

In the end i just got so fed up and i may be a bit dramatic but i felt betrayed so i told him i wouldn’t be coming if his friend was.

He said i was being ridiculous and i should go since its been paid for anyway and i was being overly dramatic but this is how i feel, he said i was being manipulative and cruel for making him choose between me and his friend


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