Your friends aren’t allowed over here anymore!

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AITA for refusing to host my husband’s friends at our house?

“My husband and I are fortunate enough to live in Central London.

His friend Edward and his wife Beth live in the midlands. They have known each other for longer than he has known me, and they became friends through a shared interest/hobby.

I feel that the friendship is one-sided. Whenever they came down to London (Beth is a photographer and likes to go to touristy areas of London), they always asked to stay in our spare room.

I did not mind it the first few times, but it became apparent that we are being used as a free Airbnb (that’s how I feel). We would of course make the flat as nice as possible, I cooked dinner for them every time as well. We have never received any invitations to hang out with them.

One time, I think it was particularly outrageous, we were on a holiday in Croatia and Edward asked my husband if he could get the keys to stay at our flat.

We recently bought a house together, and I voiced my feelings to my husband, but he said he didn’t see any problems. I became frustrated and said, ‘Well this is my house too; I don’t want it to be used as a free Airbnb so please don’t say yes without asking me first next time’.

My husband then said growing up he didn’t have to ask his mum whenever his friends wanted to stay over. I said I am not his mum and I own half of the house and don’t like being a free Airbnb host, I also brought up the hilarity of that one-time Edward asked to stay in our flat without us being there. My husband said I was overreacting.


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