If you have siblings, you know the drill…

Some of them are responsible and have their acts together, and others…well, not so much.

And this person asked readers on Reddit if they’re acting like an a**hole for not helping out their brother.

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AITA for refusing to co-sign for my brother’s mortgage?

“My brother has never been great with money and neither was his wife.

They recently had their 3rd child and in a 2 bedroom apartment it’s been crazy so they decided to purchase a home. They have a large dog and renting is very difficult almost impossible with 3 children and a dog so they’ve been stuck in that 2 bedroom for 4 years.

My brother actually makes a pretty good amount of money (over $100k) but is terrible at self control and they usually live paycheck to paycheck. So they saved 20% for a home and got an accepted offer for a duplex but the bank won’t led to them because of his cc debt (I don’t know exactly how much he said it was around $40,000) and his bad credit history.

My parents aren’t able to borrow more money from the bank as they have their own mortgage and they are now all looking to me to sign for my brother’s mortgage.

I have an apartment but it’s mostly paid off so I could help them and maybe the banks would ok them then but I’m scared my brother will stop paying or be late on his payments and my credit will suffer.

I work in an industry that does credit checks for employment so a bad credit could effect my future job prospects and getting a mortgage myself as I don’t plan on being in my apartment forever. He has begged me and asked our parents to beg me but I don’t trust his self control when it comes to his money.

My mother yelled at me that her grandchildren are all cramped together in a tiny apartment when I could just lend my credit to them and I wouldn’t even have to pay anything but I feel like I’ll end up responsible for the debt if it doesn’t get paid.


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One reader said that this person is going to end up owing money because the brother isn’t responsible enough to pay.

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This reader said that the brother AND the parents are to blame here.

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