I don’t know all the laws when it comes to kids going to therapy, but I would think that stuff is supposed to be private, right?

And I can see why a parent would get incredibly angry about something like this happening.

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AITA for reporting my son’s therapist for giving my ex-husband information about the sessions?

“My ex husband, 35M and I, 33F got seperated 7 months ago. We have shared custody of our 14 year old son. My son struggled to accept the seperation and adopt to the new normal. I put him in therapy suggested by my BIL (his dad’s brother and favorite uncle).

I noticed my ex husband has been coming over a lot to yell at me and start fights about our son. saying stuff like how our son should live with him full time. At first I had no idea what his problem was til my son told me that he’s suspecting his therapist to be giving my ex husband information about the sessions, because my ex husband brought up many things my son talked about in therapy but ex husband was trying to deflect blame.

I did some digging and my son’s suspicion’s been confirmed. I felt so incredibly violated on his behalf. I went to confront his therapist and he denied then said that my ex husband came to him with “concerns” and basically wanted to know about what my son sais in those sessions out of concern.

I had a big argument with him and told him that I’ll be reporting him for betraying my son’s trust and violating him like that even if this information was going to his dad aka “family”, to me that is still wrong.

Apparently, he (therapist) told my ex husband about me reporting him and my ex husband didn’t say anything nor come over to fight with me, however he must’ve told BIL because BIL visited and told me that I overreacted and that if I report my son’s therapist then I’ll cause more damage because my son “got used to this one”.

When I pointed out how my ex husband could’ve gathered and twisted information to screw me over in custody, he told me then I was doing this for my own “selfish reasons” and to cover my own a$#. he said that I clearly don’t have my son’s best interest at heart to think that’s okay. I got mad and told him to leave after he tried to talk my son into stopping me from reporting his (buddy) therapist.

But I yelled at him that cleary he, my ex husband and his buddy therapy were in this together. He got offended and called me delusional and walked out. The family are telling me to let it go and just find another therapist instead of reporting.


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