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AITA for spending money I saved for a trip with my dad when he wanted to include his stepdaughter?

“Back in February I (17 f) asked my dad if we could take a weekend trip for Halloween to this haunted house event the two of us have talked about going to before.

He said he wasn’t sure he could afford it but if I saved enough money we could go (he was going to cover some of it too). I actually saved up the money by early September and told him as much. He then brought up the subject about how cool it would be to include his stepdaughter (14) and it would be a nice bonding trip for all three of us.

He asked me how I felt about that and I told him I didn’t want to include her, I wanted it to be just the two of us. He asked why and I told him we never do stuff just the two of us anymore and I want that time with him. He said I get plenty of time with his wife. I said she’s not him.

That I wanted more time for him and me, not everyone together, not me and his wife or me and his stepdaughter. He told me okay it could be just us. Then his wife blabbed because he didn’t tell her I had said no. Then his stepdaughter wanted to go and he told me he couldn’t say no to her after that.

So I told him to forget it. I bought myself some stuff with the money I had saved. This upset my dad and his wife and his stepdaughter. My dad and his wife told me I responded like a child instead of an almost adult. His stepdaughter said I was so mean, why would I do that, she was looking forward to spending the weekend with us at the haunted house.

I told my dad I saved it for the two of us to go alone. But he has made it clear he doesn’t want that time with just me anymore and since that’s how he feels I am sick and tired of time with his family. That he shouldn’t worry because I will be gone soon and he can spend all the time he wants to with them and the childish and mean one won’t be living here in a few months.

He asked why I couldn’t just wait and do something else with him. Why spend the money. Why break the plans like that. It’s not the first time I have tried to do something with him and he automatically involved everyone or just his stepdaughter in it. And I even told him I missed hanging out just him and me. It doesn’t do s**t.

I know his wife is upset because her daughter is hurt because she knows how badly I didn’t want her there and she’s also not going now.

AITA here?”

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