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AITA for throwing all of my MIL’s things out of my bedroom?

“My MIL moved in with me (f25) and my husband (m26) a week ago while her house is being renovated. PS the renovations were being done in the 2nd floor so she had no reason to leave the house but she said the noise makes her anxious.

She didn’t go stay with any of her sons (who have larger homes) but came to stay with us in our one bedroom apt. My husband brought her in without even telling me. She brought about 4 huge bags with her and asked if she could put some of her things in my bedroom. I said absolutely, and gave all the sock drawers to keep her things in though I wasn’t feeling comfortable with her barging in all the time and invading my privacy just to grab something of hers.

She started complaining about lack of storage to put her dresses and makeup in and asked if I could “share” my closet with her but I said no for many reasons, one of them is because I need privacy and my closet is where I keep all of my personal things. She huffed and puffed but dropped it eventually.

I went to work and got home at 8. I entered my bedroom and noticed something strange. I opened my closet and all my thing were gone, her things like dresses and underwera and blouses were hanging and/or folded on the side. I was so confused I immediately asked her about it and she stood near the door and nonchantly said she “borrowed” my closet to store her “expensive things” since keeping them in bags or the socks drawers was causing damage.

I furiously asked where all my things were. She pointed at different cabinent in the living room and said all my clothes were there, and as for make up jewels were at the bottom of the kitchen cabinent. I lost it completely I grabbed all her clothes that were inside my closet and throw them out of the bedroom. She started yelling and then started looking for her phone to call my husband.

I told her that I shouldn’t be basically kicked out of my own space and told her to take her things and leave. My husband came over and started yelling at me saying I was way out of line. He told me that all his mom asked me was to share but I was being petty for no reason.

I told him it’s my room and he lashed back saying it was his room too and I was being ridiculous. He then started berating me for telling to leave but I took my stuff and went to stay with my mom.

He tried to speak to me saying it was me who caused this fight and that he already told me this is all just temporary til his mom’s house is done being renovated. He said my reaction was wrong and made his mom upset. he asked me to let it go and get right with his mom and reach a compromise.

AITA for how I reacted?”

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