I know this sounds harsh, but sometimes young people, especially teenagers, need to be put in their places once in a while.

And that goes for me, too!

I was definitely a dumba** who needed to have his neck wrung once in a while because I was too big for my britches.

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Oh boy!

AITA for telling a teenager that a wedding is significantly more important than her birthday and she needs to grow up?

“I invited my soon to be MIL wedding dress shopping as an olive branch because we don’t have the best relationship.

She accepted but asked if she could bring her BF’s 15 year old daughter “Emily” because Emily loves fashion. Honestly I think it was more of MIL has some anxiety around my family and wanted an ally, so I said yes.

Emily is ok but ridiculously spoiled. Her divorced parents are in competition for her love and both have some serious cash to throw around. Emily is having a sweet 16 the same month I am having my wedding, and she has been talking about it non-stop, picking out the car she wants, making plans for the actual day.

Her birthday is a Wednesday, but the party is a Saturday, so she still expects something special on her birthday. She will be going to Disney with her BF, her dad and MIL. She has already let her mother know that since her birthday falls on his custody time, her mom can “make it up to her” So she is having 3 birthdays. I internally roll my eyes a little, but it isn’t my business.

We had a nice day planned of lunch and wedding dress shopping. It started off ok, though MIL demanded a sip of MILs champagne and I was a bit worried about getting kicked out because it is a liability, but MIL told me to chill and her BF has been giving Emily sips since she was 12.

The issue began when Emily was walking around the boutique and found a dress she loved for her party. MIL told her to try it on, which kind of bothered me because it wasn’t Emily’s event. My mom told MIL that it was bad etiquette and MIL seemed surprised. I will give MIL the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t know because she is pretty socially oblivious.

Emily came out and heard the conversation and told MIL she didn’t do anything wrong and we were being “zillas” I nicely asked Emily to stay out of the adult conversation, and Emily told MIL that it isn’t even her fault her relationship with her son is strained because we are so nit picky and she was literally just trying on a dress.

I snapped at Emily that she has no idea what she is talking about and maybe when she is older she’ll have a clue, but a wedding is way way more important than some birthday party. I said birthdays come every year and it really isn’t that special. Emily told me to chill and why can’t I share and all the dresses I tried on were “basic”.

Finally MIL told Emily they were leaving and stormed out (after paying for the dress) MILs boyfriend is pissed and said I’m a drama queen, I shouldn’t be fighting with his kid, and I’m so mean to MIL.”

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