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AITA for giving my sister 13k to pay for her I.V.F cycle without consulting my husband?

“My f33 sister f34 has been struggling with infertility for years. She and my brother in law resorted to so many options including trying rounds of I.V.F. this is costly so as a result a number of I.V.F cycles had cost them a lot and none of them worked.

My sister and brother in law were advised to take break seeing the physical and emotional and financial toll this unsuccessful I.V.F treatment has had on them but my sister wanted to try one more time before she enters her mid thirties where her chances are lower.

My parents refused to give her any more money so she came over to my place where she had a mental breakdown begging me to help. I decided to help her out and helped pay by pulling 13k from my husband and mine’s shared account. My husband was out of town for days and I didn’t go out of my way to tell him after he missed my initial call before going forth and giving my sister the money.

I brought it with him on the phone later and he blew up at me saying I shouldn’t have made such decision and taken money out of our joint account without consulting him first but I said I tried calling and he didn’t pick up the first time but he said still I shouldn’t have made any moves til I had talked to him first then said he didn’t agree that I gave a huge sum of money that he worked hard for given the fact he contributes 70% to this account and said I messed up big time.

I tried to explain my sister’s situation and how this was an emergency and assured him she’d return the money but he said no she won’t since she doesn’t even have job, same with her husband and said I shouldn’t support their bad decision to want a baby when they’re broke to begin with.

I had an argument with him and said he was acting cruel and unsupportive of my family but he corrected me saying he’s not a doormat and he worked hard for the money that I had no problem giving away without even telling him but that is my sister and I felt obligated to help her out yet he refused to understand that.

That was the last time we spoke, he demanded I take the money back asap but I haven’t responded to him yet. AITA or was he?”

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