Have you ever told someone they can’t shower in your house?

Yeah…neither have I…

But that’s what’s going on in this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page.

Is this woman wrong?

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AITA by telling my brother’s GF to stop showering at my house?

“Money’s super tight, and she takes 30+ minute long showers. I’m the one that pays the water and electric bills.

I told her to go shower at her own house, I’m sick of footing the bill, and now my brothers p**sed and not talking to me.

She lives with her parents and could (and used to) shower there for free. I’m p**sed.

My brother lives with me. Pays half rent, no utilities

I took him in to live with me as soon as he graduated away from my parents house due to neglect/a**se. The idea behind him living with me was for him to be able to save money so he could move out on his own.

But then I got sick and I lost my job, and I can’t afford what I used to be able to afford. Circumstances have changed in a way I didn’t prepare for. And now I feel like I’m screwing him over on our deal because of an issue unrelated to him.”

Let’s see how Reddit users reacted.

One person said she’s NTA because she’s footing the bill.

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Another individual said they think this behavior is weird.

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And another Reddit user said she’s NTA and it’s her house, her rules.

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