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AITA for telling my dad his “gift” wasn’t a gift?

My bf and I were having dinner with my dad and his wife a few months ago and they mentioned that they had gotten tickets to cirque du soleil.

I told him that my bf and I would love to go see it, it looked really cool.

A few days later he excitedly told me he had gotten us tickets for the same night and he sent them to me via email.

He mentioned that the tickets weren’t together because he bought them at separate times, but he figured we could drive together. I figured no big deal, it’s a date anyways.

Last night we had dinner with him and his wife and over conversation I found out that the tickets he gave me were his and his wife’s tickets, and they had upgraded to the VIP experience, which involves special seating and special bathrooms and concessions and free alcohol.

I got a bit upset and told my dad it didn’t sound like he did this for me, but because his wife wanted an upgrade and they just threw me the scraps, and that wasn’t a gift.

He told me I didn’t have to go if that’s how I felt and that I was being spoilt, and his wife told me I need to “f***ing grow up”.

He is ALWAYS going out and doing extravagant things with his wife, and i know they could have afforded to get us the upgraded passes too, but of course, only his wife gets the red carpet.


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