To tell the truth or not to tell the truth…that is the question…

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So did this woman go too far in telling her daughter the truth about her father?

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AITA for telling my daughter the truth about her father?

“I got pregnant in college when I was 19. Her father was in the same position. Prior to doing the deed, I told him if anything were to happen I would not be getting an abortion. He said he understood.

When I got pregnant, he refused any contact with my baby or responsibility. He took things further by telling my friends and his family that I planned the pregnancy to trap him, so they wouldn’t judge his actions. This was untrue. He paid mandatory child support but it wasn’t much.

It was hard but I love my daughter and wouldn’t change a thing. She’s wonderful and smart and she’s my whole world.

He reached out to me on Facebook saying he wants to be in his daughters life. He’s married now. I did some stalking online, his wife has frequently posted about her infertility struggle.

I was against it because he’s had no part of her life. It was me who had to drop out of college, work 2 jobs, endure the sleepless nights as a baby and raise her. It was me that kept her belly full and kept her warm. He didn’t give a s**t. It was me that endured my friends turning against me and his family’s harassment. And the judgment of society for being a young mom.

And now that he wouldn’t be sacrificing his young years, now he’s finished partying, now he’s got his degree and job, and his wife can’t give him kids to complete his picket fence life, he wants the kid I raised for him? Knowing he doesn’t really have to do any work other than pick her up now and then.

I told him my thoughts, and he got mad saying that I chose to have the baby not him, which tipped things over for me. I asked him to prove he thought about her, eg a college fund he’s paid into for a while with her in mind or car money. He did not, which again proved to me he only gave a s**t when he couldn’t make more kids.

I spoke to my daughter but I told her the type of person her father is. I told her he has nothing for her, and I was honest about the fact his wife is infertile so he is reaching out. I told her everything and reiterated basically everything I said in the post.

I told her to think about it, I said I’d support her knowing him, but I affirmed he is not a nice person and his intentions are not where we would want. She chose to not know him.

After I informed him he got mad. He said I ruined his chance to know her, that I’m denying her a father, I told him he was the one that did that.

My mother told me I shouldn’t have poisoned his image to her, that she probably feels rejected all over again and she’s probably hurting. I now feel like I have done wrong by her. AITA?”

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