Boys will be boys, as the old saying goes

But we all know that sometimes kids need to be put in their places if they’ve been acting out of line.

And this woman wants to know if she is acting like a jerk by not letting her son go to his school dance.

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AITA for not allowing my son to go to his school dance?

“My husband (51M) and I (48F) have 6 children (19M, 16F, 14F, 13M, 11M, + 5F), Our 16 y/o, Gianna is a junior in high school, our son Ryker (13) is in 7th grade.

The kids are starting to have their school dances, the 7th grade dance is later this month and the junior banquet is in early May. We have gone shopping for dress clothes for all the dances. We bought Gianna’s dress a few weeks ago.

Gianna has usually been a good kid throughout her life, this school year has been slightly harder than others though. Around 2 months ago, we got a call from Gianna’s choir teacher saying that Gianna and a few other altos were making racist jokes about some of the new pieces she introduced, including an Urdu song and a song from Honduras.

We talked to Gianna about her actions and we made her write an apology to her teacher as well as write a 5 paragraph essay on why it is important to respect music from other cultures.

Ryker has a friend from his baseball team who is Honduran (he was born here but his mom was born in Honduras and his dad is mixed), when Ryker heard out about this he was quite mad and asked if he could have his friend come over, and teach her about the culture there.

We allowed this and he came over with his parents and they made food and Ryker and his friend talked about sports and music there, Gianna was very clearly not enjoying it but we made her engage anyways.

Our daughter and a group of her friends, including her boyfriend, got in trouble last week for making racist jokes again. We took her phone to investigate to see where this hatred could be coming from.

Ryker had his friends over for a sleepover the night we found out about this, during dinner the boys were talking about how their coach would never let them live though it if they bullied a kid or made racist jokes. My husband and I tried helping guide them through their feelings, like asking them about the diverse athletes they liked.

Gianna was hanging out with friends at the mall that night, some of whom were doing dress shopping for the upcoming dance.

Our son and the boys decided to use this as an opportunity to trash the dress, using mud, drinks and cutting a few holes in the dress. We found out when Gianna came home, entered her room and saw the dress.

The boys were laughing and Ryker said they did it because Gianna didn’t deserve to go to the banquet, and saying how there “could be kids that look like” his Honduan friend.

We told Ryker we were trying our best to educate her in a very white town (we’re also white). We told him that this was the wrong way to take out his anger and that as a result, he couldn’t go to his 7th grade dance. Ryker told us to shut up and spent the rest of his night in his room with the boys.

Ryker texted my parents and siblings as well as my in-laws, a few have called us and came to his defense, saying he’s just a kid who was trying to cope with anger. Now we’re unsure if we are in the wrong. AITA?”f

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