Oh, get over yourself!

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AITA for telling my friend to “get over” herself and leaving her wedding reception “early”?

“I was recently a Bridesmaid for my best friend, her only Bridesmaid i’ll add so a lot of the bridal duties fell to me. We’d been best friends since I was 15 and she was 17 though so I was fine with all this work.

Quick info I have health issues which lead to extreme fatigue as a symptom. The day before the wedding I basically singlehandedly set up her reception while she talked with some family and friends, which was fine, as I was wrapping up she told me she needed my help sewing a button on her wedding dress as her Aunt hadn’t fully finished the alterations.

I told her of course i’d do this and she said she’d call up her aunt to walk me through what needed done. I had a bad feeling about this as it’s only one button, that hardly needs a walkthrough but I put it down to my friend being overly worried as it’s her wedding dress. It wasn’t one button. I get to her home and we get on the phone with her aunt.

It’s six buttons, the clasps to attach her cloak (which needed hemmed) and the corset lacing needed adjusting. I was p**sed but not at my friend I figured she didn’t know how bad it was it had been her aunts job to alter the dress. A little quick info she bought a cheap dress figuring aunt could alter it.

I fixed the dress having to stay up until 3am to do so, then I had to be up at 6am to be ready for the wedding. After we are ready for the wedding my friend told me she’d forgotten to ask me to do this yesterday and asks me if i’ll sew marvel patches onto her garter belt for her as a surprise for her fiance.

I agreed albeit a bit unhappily as my hands were in agony from sewing into the early morning. So we get through the wedding, my friend promises me that I can go back to nap before the reception this evening as there is a few hours between the lunch and reception. That’s basically all that was keeping me going. But then plans change and she needs me to stay with her and not go back to nap.

I stay as I don’t want to leave her alone and drink way too much coffee to try and stay semi-human even though my body aches and i’m exhausted. Despite this i’m struggling to stay awake at the reception and manage until the food is served and eaten and the first dance happens, i figure i’ve seen all the important parts and go to my friend telling her I need to go home now to sleep as I literally cannot stay upright anymore.

She got upset at me saying how I wasn’t allowed to leave and she needed me by her side, how I was her only bridesmaid so I had to stay until the very end in case she needed me and how I needed to greet guests who turned up late.

I got upset at this and told her to get over herself pointing out all i’d done for her so. far and that I loved her but that had limits with my health. So I left and slept for about 14 hours waking up the next day with a migraine and various aches.

She is upset thinking I “ruined” her day and that i’m selfish for not putting her first, that I was needed by her side and how a real friend would prioritise her day.”

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