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AITA for calling my husband insane for missing work just to teach me a lesson because I didn’t iron his uniform?

“I (sahm with 3) was in the midst of doing laundry when my husband (breadwinner, works as a pilot) asked if I could iron his uniform before his shift. I didn’t say “yes” because I was busy (laundry then kids homework then cooking etc..). I said I may not find the time to to do it. He turned around and walked away completely ignoring what I was saying.

An hour later, he came downstairs freaking out asking why I didn’t iron his uniform when he asked me to. I told him I was busy and reminded him of how I didn’t say yes to his request. He blew up saying that I obviously don’t care about him displaying “professionalism” at work (um..it’s just a uniform? It’s not like it was dirty just needed some ironing).

He lectured me about how his work is important and although I’m a sahm I still should make his job a priority. He decided to miss his shift as a way to “teach me a lesson” and show me how my lack of cooperation and my refusal to help him out could affect the money that keeps coming in. I called him insane for missing the shift, and he got offended and called me a hypocrite for calling him insane and acting all surprised when it was me who caused this situation to happen.

I mean I could have taken some time off doing my chores to iron his uniform, but still thought his reaction was a bit much. AITA?”

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