Sorry Mom, you’re not on the list this year…for Mother’s Day!

Wow, I wonder what happened to cause this teenage girl to tell her mom she won’t be getting a gift this year…

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AITA for telling my mom to not expect a Mother’s Day gift from me?

“My mom got a job when I (f14) was 6.

She works as a teachers aid and she said it would be a good thing because she’s off after school and during breaks and it was ok at first, then she would stay after school to tutor her students and would ask my grandparents to pick me up and watch me for an hour after school.

No big deal, it was only an hour. Then she started a tutoring business after school and was busy after school until 7-8 at night 6 days a week. My grandparents said they couldn’t watch me for that long so she hired a nanny.

My mom somehow became more absent after that. Then she fired the old nanny and got a live in nanny because she was too tired to spend time with me or take care of me after work. She also never took a day off of work for me. She once took a morning off when I was 11 because I was getting surgery, then the second I was allowed to go home, she left me with my nanny and went back to work.

She didn’t show up to most of my birthday parties, school plays, talent shows, or even my middle school graduation. My nanny was the only person who showed up for those things.

My nanny’s birthday just passed and I got her some earrings from Pandora, a couple bath bombs, and an eyeshadow palette. My mom saw the earrings and told me she wants me to get her those for mothers day. I told her she shouldn’t expect a mothers day gift from me since we’re basically roommates at this point.

She yelled at me for disrespecting her about how she provides for me and pays for my nanny and we haven’t spoken since. I’m starting to feel bad so I wanted to know if I was the a**hole.”

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