I really don’t like nosey people.

Especially when they’re neighbors who you don’t even really know…

But you know how people can be sometimes…

Check out this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page and see if you think this mom was overly rude to her neighbor.

AITA for telling my neighbor to mind her business about my sons?

“I (23f ) am a single mother of twin boys (3M). We recently moved in with my mother after leaving our cr**py apartment in NYC.

My mother lives in a neighborhood that’s mostly elderly and families with older children.

Yesterday it was hot out and my boys were throwing water balloons at each other and me . Well my neighbor (47F) came over and asked to keep the noise down and take my kids inside as it was early . It was 2pm in the afternoon

I paid no mine and went inside to grab some water for my sons . I hear yelling and rush back out to see my neighbor with my sons toys and yelling at them .

I lost it and told her to mind her own business . When she says this

“ of course people like you have to ruin the neighborhood “

I’m black and my sons are mixed ( their father is white )

I told her to get off my mother’s property before I call the cops.”

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