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AITA for wanting to wear high heels at my wedding despite my fiancee’s objection?

“My fiance (31) is short. His height has always been a source of insecurity for him and he takes others comments too seriously.

With our wedding approaching, He asked if I’d consider wearing flat shoes at the wedding. I was confused, like very confused I asked if he was joking but he went on a rant about how doesn’t want to be made fun of on his own wedding.

And that if I choose to wear high heels then we will look ‘awkward’ in the photos and infront of the guests. I refused and he kept calling me selfish and inconsiderate and said that I prioritized a bare of high heels over his comfort and happiness for the big day.

He had his mom involved and she is pushing me to reconsider. When I refused to discuss it she said that my unwillingness to cooperate is a huge indicator of my level of maturity, she then went on a long rant about what lengths ‘real wives’ are willing to go to to help out their husbands and said that I’m apparently too immature and shallow to be committed in a marriage if I make such an issue out of it.

Am I being selfish? It’s not just about what I want but the high heels help make the wedding dress look better and I feel like I deserve to look my best at my own wedding just like every bride’s dream. His insecurity is preventing me from getting that.


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One reader said this woman is NTA and that this guy needs to figure it out.

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And this person said guys just need to get over the height thing.

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