Breaks from college are supposed to be relaxing and stress-free.

A time to chill at your parents’ house and regroup from the pressures of school.

But if home has turned into a place that is less than desirable, what are you supposed to do?

That’s the conundrum facing this young woman and she shared her concerns on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page.

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AITA for refusing to go back home during break?

“I (18f) grew up in the west coast but am currently going to college in the south. Around a year before I left for college, my parents announced they were pregnant. I wasn’t thrilled by this for a number of reasons, but I didn’t say much at the time and I was outwardly pretty neutral.

My parents seemed disappointed by my reaction regardless and they kept trying to pull me into discussions on what the baby’s name should be or what furniture they should buy for the baby’s room. They also kept making jokes about how I would need to help out more, since they would be older parents.

When the baby came, I was around to make sure my mom was alright, and then I mostly kept out of the house until it was time for me to leave for college.

Since I’ve been at college, my parents have continually asked if I was coming home for break. I went back once (for winter break) and the entire time, it was baby-centered. The house was constantly filled with the baby crying, or the sound of cartoons, or my parents asking me to help care for the baby. Everything was interrupted by the baby.

If I wanted to go to a restaurant with my parents- we can’t because of the baby. If I wanted to go shopping- we’re too tired because of the baby. If I wanted to go grocery shopping alone- can you take the baby with you. They were constantly pushing me to babysit or change diapers or make formula stuff in the name of sisterly “bonding”.

This break, my parents kept asking me if I was going to come back for break. I told them I probably wasn’t, because I had plans with my friends and I’d rather stay in my dorm than go through the hassle of flying all the way over.

They kept asking me to, and saying it would be a great “bonding” opportunity, but I don’t see what’s so “bonding” about listening to a baby cry for most of the day every day. Finally, I snapped and said I didn’t want to come back until things settled down and they were capable of handling the child they made by themselves.

So AITA for refusing to go back home for break?”

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