I don’t know about you, but I have A TON of friends I wouldn’t let move into my house.

Sorry pals, but the truth hurts…

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This young woman wants to know if she’s an a**hole for not letting her friend move in with her…let’s see what she had to say…

AITA for not allowing a friend to move in with me?

“I (19f) come from a wealthy family. Even so I had a job since I turned 16, my parents got me a car but I had to pay for my own insurance and gas. I had a limit for how much my birthday and Christmas gifts cost…

When I graduated high school and was accepted into a good college my parents gave me a choice:

I live in the dorms, they pay for everything, I get just a bit of spending money, but they won’t have a say in my life at all since I am an adult.

I live in a 2 bedroom apartment they own in the city (doorman, gym, pool and cleaning service), they pay for everything and I have more spending money.

In exchange I have to promise to keep a high GPA, no recreational drug use, no alcohol until I turn 21 and to not have any roommates. Then when I am a junior the deed to the apartment transfers to my name.

I accepted the second choice and it has been great, I am an introvert so I appreciate my space.

The problem is that a friend I made in the beginning of the semester wanted to move in and I declined.

She comes from a middle class family, paying for her school using student loans, just normal. The first time she was over she started making some tasteless remarks (must be nice to never work a day in your life, must be nice to have mommy and daddy wait on you hand and foot…). When she wouldn’t stop I just started distancing myself from her.

She has been having problems with her roommate from the get go, but yesterday she just couldn’t take it anymore. She asked me in front of all our friend group if she could move in with me. I said no she can’t.

She called me an entitled trust fund baby who didn’t know what the normal man struggles are and stormed off.

Now all my friends say that I am the AH, that I have the space and it wouldn’t cost me anything, I could just lie to my parents and they wouldn’t know.

I disagree but I thought better to ask because if they don’t give it a rest I am planning to cut all of them off. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.”

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