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It involves a mom and her anorexic daughter who is looking for a lifestyle change.

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AITA for not letting my anorexic 14 year old in recovery go vegetarian?

“My daughter developed anorexia when she was 12.

She has been begging me to let her go vegetarian since when she was 10, but I said no since she was too young and she should ask again when she turns 13.

She asked when she turned 13. I told her no. She is quite underweight due to her anorexia and I do not want her losing anymore due to 0 protein. She has told me that she is in no way going vegetarian to lose weight (she is in partial recovery) and she is doing it purely for animal cruelty reasons.

I am still firm on my ground that she should not go vegetarian as she is currently very weak and frail due to malnutrition. My family are big meat eaters, and even if she recovers I doubt I could support her decision to go vegetarian.

My daughter is very upset at me and keeps telling me she’s not trying to lose more weight but I just do not want to risk it. She almost throws a fit every time I serve meat at dinner.

I am not sure if she genuinely feels bad or just wants to lose weight. Her doctor instructs me to not let her skip ANY meals so I tell her she has to eat atleast half of the meat.


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