Enough already with the spice!

This is confusing to me because I am obsessed with spicy food, but maybe this woman had a good reason for yelling at her husband about this.

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AITA for yelling at my BF to stop adding spice to my food?

“So recently I (F30) have been staying over at my BF’s (31M) place more. We’ve divided up some chores, but one he likes to do is cook.

He really is a wonderful chef and all our friends enjoy the dishes he brings to parties. Whereas I will admit I don’t know my way around the kitchen and have never taken the time to really dive into it.

This is fine since he cooks, but his meals usually include too much heat. He cooks with a lot of spices, sauces, and peppers. I’ve asked him time and time again to tone it down since I can’t handle the heat. Or at least add those last so he can still have them but my dish will be fine.

He says this will ruin the dishes and they won’t come out as flavorful and be really lackluster. And that added the spice at the end ruins the whole balance of it. I finally snapped the other night and yelled at him to stop making hot dishes I can’t eat and he told me that I was always welcome to cook my own meals if I wanted. I don’t see why I have to cook if he already is making the meal, he can just add less spice to it. That will add so much more time to my night when he is already handling that chore.

So AITA for yelling at him after him adding spice too many times to dishes?”

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