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AITA for ignoring my daughter for a week?

“I have a daughter(11) with my ex-gf. We broke up before she was born and I know that it was my fault because I was an awful boyfriend and I cheated on her and other things but I’ve changed.

She didn’t tell me about my child until a while ago that I accidently found out about her and suspected she might be mine and got a dna test to confirm. I have been trying to be involved in her life but my ex makes it very hard for me.

I know she is still mad at me for the things I did when we were together but she is poisoning my daughters mind and turning her against me.

The other day she asked me why I cheated on her mom. Who says that to their child?

Now every time she is with me she misbehaves. I’ve been showering her with gifts and attention but she is always like “I wish you weren’t my dad” eventhough I’ve been nothing but nice to her so a week ago I finally snapped and told her I won’t be her dad then.

I still prepared food for her and took her to school and made sure she has everything she needs but I didn’t give her gifts, didn’t play with her or talk to her for a week.

My parents say I’m an a**hole but I think it was good for her.”

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