Even if students aren’t always good at math or science, you can bet that they’ll probably be good at giving their teachers the business!

And you gotta love it!

I know I sure do!

Check out these funny tweets about students who mercilessly roasted their teachers.

1. Just for drinking water.

Nothing is off-limits.

2. That hurts.

Now you have to burn that sweater.

3. You won!

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing…

4. Gee, thanks.

Didn’t need to hear that.

5. Is it?

I never thought of that…

6. A brave kid.

Gotta give him some credit, I guess.

7. Give it back to them.

They’re asking for it!

8. Fail him!

And call his parents.

9. Kinda sweet…

Well, that’s nice…

10. Wow! Not nice!

Gotta be careful what you wear…

11. An ugly color.

Better luck next time.

Now we want to hear your stories.

If you’ve been roasted lately, tell us what happened!

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