The wrong mix of people on a trip can really bring the whole vacation down, don’t you think?

It’s totally true!

And this teenage girl wants to know if she was out of line for getting angry that her dad brought his husband on a family trip.

Let’s see exactly what happened here…

AITA for being p**sed that my dad brought his husband on our family trip?

“My(15F) dad(54M) is married to Jacob(50M) and to be honest I don’t like Jacob as he just annoys me. I don’t know if they intentionally do what they do or if they don’t even realize they’re doing it but either way it pisses me off which is why I dislike Jacob very much.

I can never get alone time with JUST my mom and my dad without Jacob being there. And I’ve specifically say all the time that I just want my dad and mom there but it doesn’t even matter to them because Jacob turns up either way. And yes I’ve communicated with them about this but it’s like they don’t even listen.

Anyways yesterday was supposed to be only me, my mom, and my dad going to a amusement park but also my half sister(3F) (my mom’s daughter). I told my dad and Jacob that I didn’t want Jacob there but guess what he turned up anyways. Also this event was for me and it wasn’t a event that was for the whole family, it was for me. And I wanted my sister, my mom, and my dad to be there only.

I was pissed when Jacob turned up so instead of letting it go like I normally do I lashed out at my dad and Jacob for Jacob being there. I told my dad that Jacob didn’t always need to come along and that he needed to stop bringing Jacob to my events that I specifically said I didn’t want him to attend. My dad was poised and Jacob started crying which only made me more mad.

Jacob is a grown man and I talked to him about this as well so it’s not like he was just clueless to the whole thing. So I didn’t understand why he was crying and maybe I was a bit harsh when I lashed out but that because I’ve been gentle with this MANY MANY times and I was just done with being gentle with them so I lashed out.

Now to mention my mom is the one paying for all this so she was also pissed that Jacob turned up when he wasn’t supposed to be there. I NEVER see my dad without Jacob being there and it just gets so tiring when you can’t even talk to your dad alone with his husband/wife being there. My mom and family are completely on my side but my dad and Jacob are pissed at me.


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