I’m not trying to give anything away here, but if one of my parents wanted me to see a baby that was the result of their affair, I’d say HELL NO.

So I feel sorry for this teenage girl who is stuck in the middle of the mess going on between her parents.

But did she go too far and act like an a**hole?

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AITA for not wanting to see my dad’s affair baby?

“I (f16) will admit I have and always will have a close relationship with my mom (f40) she is truly a amazing women. She has a great job and is honestly beautiful.

Yet about a year ago we found out my dad (m42)is having a affair with a women who is now 26 she is only 10 years older then me. Her and I have less of a age gap then my dad and her have.

My mom even though she was upset she has never trash talked my dad. I am so upset though it would have been one thing for him to ask for a divorce instead he cheated with someone much younger then him.

Him and his affair moved about 2 hours away. I have seen him about 5 times since this all happened a year ago. I act pleasant when I see them, but things are awkward and my dad and I’s relationship is clearly strained.

So my dad’s affair is pregnant. He called me yesterday and asking if I wanted to go to the gender reveal party next weekend. I told him no. He asked why I said I didn’t want to talk about it. He kept pushing me going saying how the baby will be my little sibling. I got annoyed and went off.

I told him how It would have been one thing for him to get a divorce from mom but you didn’t have the guts for that so instead you have a affair. So no I’m not going to accept your little affair baby as a sibling.

He called me a immature brat. He later texted my mom complaining about how immature I am and how I need to grow up and accept that (his mistress name) and the baby is going to be part of my family.


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