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A teenager shared a story about something that went down at his job that now has him questioning if he acted like a jerk.

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AITA for kicking this guy off of my ride and not giving him a refund?

“I (M 16) work at an amusement park and the ride I was working today had a very strict protocol for no phones because they fly out easily.

When people have there phones out I just spam the Auto announcement button that tells them to put their phone away. And if they don’t listen I go on the intercom. I haven’t had it get farther then that. But today it did. After 2 warnings on the intercom I stopped the ride and over the intercom told everyone to stay seated.

I walked over to the guy and tried to calmly tell him to put this phone away, but then he flipped out and started cussing me out, including using the f slur multiple times because I had a rainbow lanyard on. After his fit I asked him to get off my ride and he refused again, cussing me out for a second time.

I then stormed off and called security, they kicked him out and he wanted a refund from me but I refused. People started telling me I overreacted and now I don’t know what to think.”

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