Teenagers really know how to make the adults in their lives upset, huh?

And a lot of them don’t even give it a second thought.

But this particular teen wants to know if she went too far when it came to what she said to her birth other.

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AITA For “pushing away” my birth mom and not letting her call me a childish nickname?

“Hi all.

When I (15f) was born, my parents immediately gave up custody to my grandparents. Then a few years later, moved away to another state. Then they divorced. I’ve stayed in contact with them, my mother more so than my father, and I do love them.

But a couple years ago, my grandparents adopted me. Recently I’ve gotten comfortable enough to start calling them Mom and Dad, because that’s what they’ve always been to me. My birth mom is a pathological liar, guilt-tripper, and overall exhausting to be around. So, by choice, I decided to go LC. My grandparents supported this. Now this is where the trouble starts.

A few weeks ago I accepted a call from my BM, and she referred to me as “Bug” or as “her bug”. I didn’t care for this, but let it go. This behavior persisted, as in the next call, her work friend also called me bug. When asked, she said it was because that was how BM referred to me.

This behavior continued until finally, I politely asked her to stop as it made me uncomfortable. I said if she wanted a nickname for me, she could call me one my close friends use. She didn’t like this and accused me of pushing her away and blocking her from being in my life.

I didn’t respond because it sounded like she was about to cry, and she hung up. In a way I was relieved, as I had been able to be honest with her, but the way she reacted kinda made me feel like I was in the wrong.

So reddit, AITA For not letting her call me a childish name I don’t like?”

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