I’ve heard stories about people getting mad about all kinds of stuff: girlfriends, boyfriends, money, work issues, etc.

But I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve heard of someone getting upset about a cookbook.

Yes, a cookbook…

Well, I guess there’s a first time for everything, right?

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AITA for being mad at my in law over a cookbook?

“Ever since I was a kid, I loved cooking. I would explore recipes from newspapers, cookbooks, friends mom etc. My grandma shared many family recipes. I bonded with my MIL over our common interest of cooking food.

If my husband or kids like a recipe, I generally print it out and stick it in a book. Over the years, I have a solid collection and my husband made me a shelf. I am a slight perfectionist so I tend to decorate, label, give all my books index. Most of my books are classified based on what my son, daughter, husband likes or desert books, oven books. Some are differentiated based on cuisines, while some recipes which dont fall under any such category is kept in another book.

1 month ago, my sis in law and family (Husband’s cousin and wife) came over, and I decided to make a casserole dish which my MIL taught me. The book which I used had a lot of recipes taught to me by MIL. Most recipes are there on the internet, but my MIL always added a twist or too so it was personalized internet recipes. My in laws came right before I was done cooking. After they left, I had to make a bit of an alteration to the recipe as I used an extra bit of pepper.

I couldn’t find the cookbook, I searched everywhere – all over the house, the cupboards. I called my SIL and asked her if she saw my book to trace back where I left it, since she was in the kitchen with me and was looking at the recipe while I was doing some final touches to the dish. SIL said she didn’t know.

My husband and kids also searched and we couldn’t find. I was distraught and spent the whole weekend crying because it felt like losing a part of me – that book had many special recipes. I tried to get some of the recipes by asking MIL and some from internet, but it didn’t feel like my book.

Yesterday, me and my husband went to my in laws house to celebrate my husband’s cousin’s 40th bday. My SIL made Honey chilli chicken and a lot of other food. The chicken tasted a lot like mine, so i asked her if she could lend me the recipe and told her how I lost my recipe book. To which my husband’s cousin asked me – how could I say I lost it considering SIL told cousin that I let her borrow it.

I was livid and shocked, and my husband asked her if it was true. By then cousin bought the book out and it was my book. I got mad and asked her why she stole the book, if she ever needed a recipe, i could have shared via text. I was mad she took it and continued to lie about it.

My SIL asked me to calm down and stop ruining a dinner over a stupid cookbook. I told her she wouldn’t understand what it meant to me, took the book and went home. Family has been spamming texts saying i was TA for ruining cousin’s bday and making a huge deal over a book.


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