I’ve always felt so bad for kids whose parents get divorced when they’re still young enough to be living at home.

Tough decisions have to be made and no matter how amicable the separation, you know that there are going to be some hurt feelings.

And this 15-year-old girl asked the fine readers of Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page if she was wrong when she said she’d prefer to live with her dad.

Let’s take a look at what happened.

AITA for telling the court that I would rather live with my dad after my mom showed up with her step-kids to the dinner I planned?

“My (15 F) parents divorced when I was 3, my mom remarried 2 years after that and my dad 5 years after, they had 50/50 custody until last month when I decided to fully live with my dad.

Both of them have step-kids with whom I’m not really close to, they’re more like friends than my brothers and at first, both of them prioritized them over me.

Since my dad remarried when I was 8 I was able to tell him that I felt put aside and left behind because he had a new family that seemed to prefer, my dad is a very sensitive person and this rubbed in the wrong way, things were hard at first but with a lot of family work we were able to get trough that and things are a lot better now.

Even when my dad f**ked things up, he really tried and tried to fix them, he wasn’t perfect of course and neither was I, but this brought us closer.

Things with my mom were a lot different, I can’t remember the first years of course, but I’ve always felt that my mom preferred her husband over me and this caused her to love his children more. She forced me to call him father, to give up my room to his twins and everything my dad or my grandparents got me I had to share with them whether I liked it or not.

When I was 10 I told her the same thing I said to my dad but she reacted way worse than that, she accused me of wanting to break up her marriage, of being a jealous spoiled brat and that I was an ungrateful little b**ch because she had done everything to keep me safe. But I can’t remember the last time I had my mother alone, or at least a proper conversation when she didn’t focused on my step-siblings.

I let time pass and in september of this year I was accepted into a private high school with an scholarship in Mexico, I was so excited because if you get accepted into the HS then getting into the Uni is way more easy and this is one of Mexico’s best universities.

My grandparents helped me to plan a dinner for my parents to gave them the news so I asked both of them to go to my grans house alone next sunday because I had something important to tell them. I make sure to tell them that it was only the two of them, no spouse’s, no step-children and both of them said okay.

But my mom attended with my 5 stepsiblings and went mad when she realized that there wasn’t enough food for all of them. She and my dad fought and left before I could give her the news and I only told my dad, then I asked him to take me full time because I couldn’t pretend that my mom wasn’t hurting me.

She thought that I was gonna come to her house despite that and when I didn’t show up this monday she accused me of abandoning her, told me that I was an awful daughter and her side of the family is harassing me to go back because ” a mother is the only thing I’ll ever have” and that my dad has never done anything good for me.”

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