For anyone who hasn’t experienced it yet, it’s hard to convey just how weird it is being 29. You know that you’re at the end of your 20’s, and thus coming to the close of the part of your life where anyone is likely to refer to you as “young.”

This makes you start reevaluating absolutely everything, including just how different your life is from that which your parents had when they were at this juncture.

As always, memes express it best. Here are the questions you may find yourself asking…

10. What’s for dinner?

I feel called out as I specifically wrote a review about this recently.

9. Is it the right time?

These things are sensitive and need to be handled correctly.

8. Can I go out?

Why would you even want to, though?

7. Why tho?

Maybe some things are better left in the past.

6. Will I be next?

It’s the closest thing to a vacation many of us could even hope for.

5. Can we chat?

An example of a positive generational shift.

4. Who’s a good kitty?

I don’t care what they say, he’s my baby.

3. Have I watered them today?

It’s especially devastating when you fail even at this.

2. Can I afford it?

I guess I could have done this at home, but my wood isn’t as nice.

1. Can we hang?

Oh boy oh gee I hope he lets me live slightly.

Best of luck to all my fellow millennials out there. You’re gonna need it.

What’s the biggest difference between you and your parents?

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