It’s no secret that the younger generations are on a bit of a struggle bus right now as compared to how their parents and grandparents were doing at their age.

The economy is turning, social norms are shifting constantly, and going back and comparing life points to those who came before is…frankly kind of hilarious.

Which is probably why so many people are doing so on Twitter.

14. A rare unicorn

It is a true blessing.
Also, why do neither of your parents look happy to be getting married?

13. Dog moms

I honestly cannot IMAGINE being married to someone at 20 years old.
I didn’t even understand what a loan was at 20.

12. Goof it up

You’re being you and that’s all that matters.


11. Queen bee

Why so serious?

10. The happy couple

Congratulations, it’s a dog.


9. Choose your platform

Not sure what this is but I’m all about it.

8. So many dogs

I’m sensing a recurring theme.



7. On a roll

Living your best possible adventure.

6. 23 and me

I will care for her as though she were my own.

5. Merry Christmas

And happy holidays!

4. The dream life

Don’t worry about it, we’re rapidly approaching the singularity anyway.


3. Blowin’ up

You’re killin it. They didn’t have ANY balloons.


2. Previously, on 24…

This is just getting more and more intense.


1. Sign up now!

Sure thing!


Personally, I’m only like a decade behind my parents in every conceivable way, but I’m sure that will clear up soon.

How would you compare where you’re at to where your parents were?

Tell us about it in the comments.