Some dogs, I tell ya

You give them a tiny inch and they want to take a mile.

Always up in your business, putting their snouts into your work, your face, and especially YOUR FOOD.

Yes, it can be endearing, but sometimes I just want to eat my burrito without Fido trying to take a bite off of the other end, you know what I’m saying?

If you have a dog, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Take a look at these photos of dogs getting into peoples’ business and let us know if any of them look familiar.

1. I’m a big fan of these guys.

They just want to see what’s going on outside!


2. Just here to say hello.

How is your day going?

My neighbour’s dog peaking through the fence to say hello
byu/Gnaxera inaww

3. I see you over there!

This is a pretty solid photobomb.

4. He forgot all about the mirror.

This is a real rookie mistake.

He thinks I can’t see him.
byu/albritt9078 infunny

5. Where did you come from?

And who do you belong to?!?!

My dog’s best friend peeked through the bush
by inaww

6. Just enough room for a peep.

Hey, stay outta here!

Oh lawd he peeping
byu/Maelarion inPeepingPooch

7. Am I seeing double?

Or is that actually two dogs?

byu/ilikemountaingoats inwoof_irl

8. Don’t get your head stuck in there!

That would really not be good…

My neighbor’s husky likes to use the cat door to see whata going on in the garage.
byu/tehjeffman inaww

9. Just go away for a while.

You know that’s not gonna happen.

I told him to stop begging and go away while I’m eating. 30 seconds later I look down to see this…
byu/Brick_in_the_dbol inAnimalsBeingDerps

10. You think I can’t see you?

Think again!

Making dinner and notice someone spying.
byu/rox-it inWhatsWrongWithYourDog

11. She’s being very discreet.

Well, at least she thinks she is…

I think my pooch might belong here…
byu/entropist65 inPeepingPooch

12. Nice to meet you!

So, where are you headed?

Airplane Peeper
byu/staggernaut inPeepingPooch

Now we want to hear from you.

Does your dog ever get all up in your business?

If so, please share some pics with us in the comments. Thanks!