Folks, let me tell you something: I can guarantee that 99.999% of the time you ask a woman to wear something different than what they picked out, there are going to be some issues.

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Was this person out of line for suggesting their fiancée wear a different dress to a work event?

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AITA for asking my fiancée to wear a different dress to a work event?

“For background, my fiancé (30 cis f) works as an executive at a big company and gets to work from home in leggings and crop tops. She is regularly stating she loves that about her job. That she can do dyed hair, tattoos, etc. and they don’t care. She also comes from generational wealth. She is also white. Comes from plantation money.

I do not (trans 29) I came from poverty and “trailer trash” and worked my way up to become a professor at a nice private college. I am Latinx. I love my job. I can wear dyed hair and tattoos and piercings too, but I dress professionally.

There was a nice work event to celebrate the fall quarter. The president of the college was there, it was in an art gallery downtown. Nice band. Fancy cocktails. We were allowed to bring a guest.

I was nervous because as an out trans guy, I regularly face a lot of micro aggressions in the workplace. Something my fiancé knows and makes jokes about me being the token diversity hire.

My fiancé picked out two dresses the night before and asked me what I thought. I picked the one that was flattering, but not skin tight, nicer material, and hugged her body in more appropriate areas. She got upset. Cried because I don’t accept her as she is.

The next day comes and I’m putting on my suit and tie. As I walk into the bathroom, I see her putting on the tight, less nice dress. We got into an argument. She put on the dress I picked.

She didn’t talk to me the whole night. Pouted.

She looked beautiful but later she said I was controlling, that she felt rejected for who she is. I found out she told her friends who now think I’m a controlling toxic fiancé.


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