Sometimes, you just gotta call people out in life…

Even if they do happen to be family.

But you and I both know that when that happens, it’s gonna lead to some hard feelings.

Check out this story from the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit and see if you think this person was out of line for what they said to their dad’s wife.

AITA for telling my dad’s wife to be mad at him and not me?

“When I was 10 I went to therapy because my dad’s wife tried to pick me up from school one day and I claimed I didn’t know who she was.

It caused a huge stir and I really didn’t want to be taken home by her. This was 4 months into their marriage, and 3.5 years after my mom d**d. In therapy I had a journal. Something for me to write on stuff we needed to talk about in therapy.

In the journal I wrote a lot about how my dad’s wife wasn’t good enough. I wrote about each and every way I considered my mom better than her, how she would never compare to my mom and she was unlovable to me because she was the person who replaced my mom.

For three years I wrote a lot of stuff. A lot of the early stuff (first year) was about how much I disliked her and how she would never win a place in my heart. The rest was about my mom and missing her. Though there were times I was still honest about no love growing for her.

And also about how I wish my dad had waited to remarry because I was repulsed by her being considered my parent because I didn’t want to grow up with her in my life.

When therapy ended at 13 I asked my dad to burn the journal. He told me he had. But he kept it. Now a decade later my dad’s wife has seen it. She was hurt, obviously, but also incredibly mad at me.

She was mad that 3 years of therapy and I still wrote about not loving her or wanting her to be in my life growing up. I asked dad why he kept it. He told me he read it when I gave it to him and he wanted to make sure I didn’t treat his wife like s**t, that he wanted to watch out for me saying that stuff to her.

He told me he always felt the chill with me, he always felt my lack of love for her, the lack of respect for what she did for me. And that he knew he needed to be reminded of the stuff I had said to the therapist.

I told them that journal should have been private and they had no right to read any of it. She said I had no right to write it and that obviously I still felt that way when I hadn’t apologized.

I told her if she wanted to blame anyone it should be my dad for keeping it. That no good could ever have come from them reading it and it didn’t. That she needs to be mad at him and not me.

They told me it was wrong to put it back on my dad. They still have it too. Refused to give it to me to do whatever I wanted, said it was their property since I was a minor when it was bought and it was left in the house after I moved out.

AITA? They sure as hell think I’m the sh**ty person here.”

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