Maybe we like to pretend it doesn’t exist, but parents probably favor some of their kids over others, right?

I’m one of five kids and I’m pretty convinced that my parents have me ranked at #6…after their dog.

Hey, it is what it is.

But enough about me. Check out this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page and see what went down.

AITA for exposing my parents’ favoritism?

“My parents have always favored my younger brother.

I was by no means unloved. But it was blatantly obvious who they cared about more. I worked a part time job to get my first car, but my brother got one as a present. It wasn’t new, but was much newer than my car. It was the same with just about anything else, like clothes, video games and cell phones.

I’m 18 and am taking a gap year before community college to work a full time job and save money for tuition. But a while back I heard my parents talking about how much they were going to pay for my brother’s tuition. I secretly recorded the conversation from around the corner and then came out asking my parents why they were gonna pay for my brother’s college, but not mine.

They didn’t notice my phone was recording and just said that my brother needs more help. I asked how so when I wasn’t getting any sort of scholarship, and he likely wouldn’t either. Then I asked a few more questions about why things have always been this way. They got mad and my father told me that perhaps it’s time I moved out because they are sick of keeping a roof over my head. I pointed out I pay rent. But they didn’t care.

I left the room and in a fit of rage uploaded the video to two different social medias I have and ranted about how this is how my parents have always been. Well a few hours my parents were pounding at my door. My dad was screaming at me about how I made them look bad. We fought some more and they left the room fuming.

My grandparents contacted me later and said they were appalled, then came to visit with a lot of the family the next day. There was a huge family intervention and my parents were made to sit on the couch and look at their feet while being told off. It was then I found out they’d been receiving money for years from my grandparents to help with family expenses.

My brother looked like he didn’t know what to do. So he sided with the rest of the family and said he’s noticed how I’m treated as well. My parents gave me a huge apology that sounded forced.

My grandparents have offered that I come live with them soon and will cut off the monthly payments to my parents, my father told me I should have never told the rest of the family and now won’t talk to me, and my mother has been crying for days. So I’m starting to wonder if I went too far.

So AITA for exposing my parents’ favoritism?”

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