When it comes to kids and their health, you can’t mess around.

And that goes for everyone, including their school nurse.

Check out this story from a dad who wants to know if he acted like a jerk in regard to his daughter’s school nurse.

AITA for publicly calling out the school nurse?

“Me (34M), my daughter with type 1 diabetes (11F)

My daughter has T1D, and has been diagnosed since she was 5. For the most part, she handles it like a champ, but she’s a kid. Sometimes it sucks. I don’t blame her when she’s upset about it. She’s gotten very good at managing how she’s feeling and speaking up when she feels off or wrong.

That said, she’s 11, and the nurse and 2 of her block teachers are meant to supervise when she gives herself medication. We have a 504 plan in place at her school and have had it in place since diagnosis. I have conferences with teachers every year, and since she started at the middle school this year, her new nurse and administrative staff.

I let my daughter speak her piece and let her feel heard. She’s struggled with non-school extracurricular before ignoring her concerns when she says she doesn’t feel good because she “looks fine”. This school year started the end of August and we met a week prior.

I got a call Monday afternoon while I was at work saying that the school bus driver had to call the ambulance for my daughter on the way home because she fainted. My job is forty minutes away so I said I would meet them at the hospital.

She was awake and chatting with her nurse when I got there. Her blood sugar had dropped very, very low while she was at school. She was feeling better and didn’t seem too bothered so I took her home once allowed and let her pick a movie to watch.

Once the movie was over, I asked if she didn’t feel good at school. I needed to make sure she wasn’t ignoring her symptoms and had eaten lunch. She told me that she felt weird just before the end of the day, and checked her sugar with her teacher, who had sent her to the nurse when it was really low. When she told the nurse she needed glucagon, the nurse said no and she should take it at home when she gets there.

At this point, I was raging. The nurse did not give her her medication AND THEN SENT HER TO THE BUS. The 504 plan in place has a stipulation that if her blood sugar is too low at the end of the day, she cannot take the bus home. The nurse is supposed to give her glucagon and I get called to pick her up/arrange someone to take her home. The bus drivers aren’t trained to know what to look for or to give her medication.

I called the school Tuesday morning to arrange a meeting to talk about what happened. We scheduled it but it hasn’t happened yet.

In the meantime, I went wild. Mile long Facebook post with pictures of the 504 and hospital bill and me ranting. It kind of took off and got a lot of attention. Last night, my siblings and coworkers started telling me maybe I went too far in making the post, specifically in my naming the nurse.

It was shared in a couple of different pages on Facebook for our county and town, and a lot of people have been making comments on the school board’s social medias about the nurse. A lot of the outrage comes from other parents with kids on 504 or IEP plans.

AITA for calling out the school/nurse?”

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