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AITA for calling my sister cruel for putting her disabled son in a nursing home?

“My sister is a widow with 3 kids (10, 12, and Adam 15) my BIL passed away in a car accident 3 yrs ago with Adam and Adam became disabled.

My sister used to stay at home and recieve benefits but recently started looking for a job. We as a family had no idea, we always tell her to come to us if she needed help but she’s been distant lately.

Last week she visited my parents to make an announcement, everyone was there when she announced that she arranged for Adam to go live in a nursing home. This was a shock my heart sunk I can’t even imagine how Adam must’ve felt to suddenly find himself away from home and his family.

His sisters were crying begging their mom to let Adam stay and they’ll take care of him. My dad lost it on her, he berated her for treating Adam as if he has no attatchments to his home, siblings and grandparents and weekly visits with family because of his disability. He started crying saying she took all that away from us and made a selfish decision and ripped their grandson away from his family just for a job.

Mom and brother disagreed saying what she did was inevitable and she’s already given Adam enough and she had the right to do what she did since she has other kids to look after and her position as a single mom was hard enough.

I had an argument with my sister she refused to let me speak saying it’s her son and she decides. I called her cruel and heartless to her face for uprooting her child like that and taking him away from home and sisters when he’s already dealing with so much.

She lashed out saying I don’t get to judge her when she’s feeling stuck and overwhelmed having to care for Adam while trying to raise her other kidsand work.

I said she could’ve come to us for help but she told me off saying she’s already given Adam 3 years of care, time, and money and couldn’t do it anymore. She added that she can’t miss this job opportunity and nursing home was better for Adam’s needs and the family can visit him anytime they want.

But as a mother how can you say I gave enough and stop caring for your child all of a sudden?

My husband said let’s do something, get fund or something because nomatter how my sister tries to convince us that Adam is healthier and happier there, she basically abandoned him and took him away from his family.

My sister told me to back off since I have it easy with my perfect kids. My dad kicked her out after she accused me of being judgemental and turning the family against her.

INFO: This is very important

Adam’s disability level is severe, he requires round the clock care.

my family help my sister in several ways like paying for equipment (besides the benefits she receives) we also help look after the kids by either visiting or having them over and my daughter visits to help with chores/homework/or other stuff.

my sister’s decision to work was out of the blue, money wasn’t her biggest struggle as much as she complained about being tired.”

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