I had an incident when I was a Freshman in college that is still so humiliating that I can’t bring myself to talk about it with anyone…and I think that I’m gonna take it to the grave with me…

Even though I still have nightmares about it…

What embarrassing moment keeps coming back to haunt you?

AskReddit users shared their shame…

1. Sorry about that.

“So I was like 14 or 15 at a swim meet. I swam a lot.

And one of the older guys who is like the comical dude of the older kids, comes up to our tent and I had my back turned. He says “he everyone how’s it going?” And I somewhat but not clearly jokingly say “oh ShhhuUUUUtttTTT UP!”

Then I turn to face him and realize I’ve just told my other teammate’s father, a prominent judge in the city I lived in, to shut up. To make it worse, I apologized profusely but didn’t explain that I thought he was someone else.

Haunts me to this day.”

2. Aren’t you a little old for that?

“I was 16, casually taking a shower. My mom opened the door thinking there was no one. She screamed like she saw something scary.

Turns out I had forgotten to lock the door. And I was sitting on the floor giving my dolls a shower. I never did that. I just thought I should give my old dolls a shower on that very exact day.

And that’s the day I forgot to lock the door while I was taking a shower.”

3. You’re not lying.

“One day in middle school, I walked into my science class to see we all had a small white board on our desks for an activity for the day.

Before class started, my friend and I started writing different “kick me” type signs on them for fun. Then, class started but we kept writing them and showing them to each other.

I wrote one, and too loudly whispered “PSST” to get my friend’s attention, then held up my sign to him which said, “my brain is in my butt.”

Since I was too loud, it caught the teachers attention, she saw my board, then announced loudly “Yeah well according to your grades, that’s probably true.””

4. This is bad.

“Just started dating this girl, she’s half Korean.

I go to her parents Korean church. The whole way there they were explaining how I was going to be greeted by the pastor and I was supposed to bow, be as respectful as possible.

Well, seeing that he was Korean, he had quite the accent. He greeted those in front of me, “welcome” “welcome”

My dumb a** thought he was saying “where from?” So in front of the church and my GF parents of whom I just had met I got up and yelled “Nick Purvis, Bowie, Maryland”.

He looked extremely confused, didn’t bow…just stared at me and let’s just say…her parents weren’t super hyped.”

5. Blew it!

“I had the opportunity many years ago to interview Conan O’Brien on the red carpet when he was promoting his “Can’t Stop” documentary.

I’m a huge fan of his (still am), and after giving several interviews with a long line of entertainment reporters, Conan finally approached me. I was so nervous, I completely forgot what I was going to ask him. And, for some inexplicable reason, I had the impulse to try and shake his hand before I asked him the first question.

He looked down at it, and he seemed uncomfortable with the gesture. Ugh, Christ. Immediately off to a bad, awkward start, although he was polite enough to shake it. Completely drawing a blank, I asked him the most inane, banal question imaginable: “Have you seen the documentary yet?”

There was a slight pause, accompanied with a grimace, and he proceeded to give the most calculated, unenthusiastic response ever. I was supposed to ask two questions, but his assistant or handler or PR person could tell what a loser I was, and hurriedly moved Conan on to the next reporter in line.

This was over ten years ago, and I still cringe thinking about it.”

6. Not a good memory.

“7th grade, Truth or Dare.

I was dared to ask out a girl in our friend group that I had a huge crush on. Would be my first date ever. Totally psyched myself up, planned it out, and was going to ask her later at school.

Somehow or another she heard about it before I even had the chance and she goes “please please please don’t ask me out.” I remember that moment a lot more than I’d like.”

7. Shot down in flames.

“Made music and uploaded them to YouTube. A group of friends laughed at my music without knowing I was the producer.

I laughed with them. Gave up on my music career.

I now only make music for myself.”

8. Major fail.

“I was a hibachi server.

We used these little bottles to squirt sake into people’s mouths. I had a party of like 20 people.

After the show, the owner goes up to the table and asks them if they had a good time. One of the customers jokingly says “I don’t think we got enough sake!”

Owner then hands me two bottles and asks me to go back to the kitchen to fill them with sake. So I run back to the kitchen and see two boxes of “sho chiku bai” sake. One of them has sharpie writing in Chinese all over it. This will become important in a moment.

So I randomly pick a box of sake to fill the squirt bottles with, and the manager and I ask them who wants more sake! Several people kind of cheer because they’re hammered so the owner starts rainbowing sake into one person’s mouth, while I do the same to another patron.

Suddenly the patrons eyes go wide just as I notice something strange. Under the harsh lighting, the liquid I’m squirting into this young woman’s mouth is…glistening.

It also looks quite shiny running down her face and onto the front of her sundress. So I stop spraying “sake” at her as she swallows and says “Ew, what the hell was that?!”

It was vegetable oil.

The Chinese writing said vegetable oil.

I do not read Chinese.”

9. Bad timing.

“Having my very first period in 7th grade with white pants on.

Thank goodness my cousin let me borrow her jacket to tie around my waist.”

10. Can still feel the heat.

“It was my first day of high school, so obviously I am trying to be at max level cool. Hair was spiked in the front and my Abercrombie shirt matched my Abercrombie pants that unzipped to shorts. So yeah I was clearly k**ling it.

Anyways it was lunch time and my lunch period was the latest of the day so I had gone to most of my classes and had all the textbooks I was given in my book bag so It was real heavy. I got my tray of food and a coke and went to search for a place to sit. First day lunch was always terrifying, walking around a sea of kids hoping you see some friends.

Luckily I spot a few kids that I get along with well and rush over to sit down. But when I went to sit down I was careless and missed the seat a little bit. These were the lunch tables they had the stool seats attached with no back rest. When I missed the seat I started to fall backwards and the weight of the book bag catapulted me backwards at a pretty high rate of speed.

The full tray of food and fountain drink of Coke I was holding went flying with me and spilled all over the table behind me. And of course the people sitting at that table were all the most popular and best looking girls at the school. Coke, chili cheese nachos, pizza completely covered their brand new first day of school outfits. They were PI**ED!

Yelling profanities at me while everyone else in the cafeteria is laughing at me. I can still feel the heat of embarrassment on my face. It was not a good first day.”

11. Glee Club disaster.

“I was part of the Glee club back in high school and we have to perform a song and dance number of You’re the one that I want in front of the whole school.

Mine was the very first line and I have to do an adlib dance as a way of introducing myself to the crowd while the other members were on the back. Let me just preface this that I suck at dancing and I’m stiffer than a morning wood when I move my body.

So in front of the crowd I crossed my arms and what seemed to be someone that was supposed to be someone imitating something chilling/freezing cold (the line was – I got chills they’re multiplying) looked like a d**d mummy that was recently unearthed, no reaction from the crowd whatsoever. What made it worse was that the one after me was very good at dancing and everyone cheered for him.

I asked my best friend at that time after the performance what he thought about my dancing and he said that I sucked and he’d cringed so hard on my part. All my confidence shattered right there and since then every time I hear anything related to glee club or live performances, my balls shrivel up a bit and I get goosebumps.”

12. A big scene.

“I was in elementary school and as I was waiting to go home.

I saw my parents in the grass walking to me I ran over to my mother and screamed ‘MOMMY’ while tackling her to the ground. Everyone thought she was in the military returning home but in reality I’m just really attached to her.

It’s really embarrassing to remember I made a big scene in front of the whole school.”

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