I guess some people REALLY don’t like feet, huh?

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But this person treated their grandfather’s request for them to cover up their feet as a joke…and now they want to know if they acted like a jerk.

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AITA for laughing at my grandpa after he told me to “cover up” my feet?

“So this one is fairly recent and he’s still mad at me so I decided to voice this story in hopes of getting corrected if I’m wrong or smth.

So this morning my grandparents informed me that some ppl would be coming to set up a new bed/frame etc.

Since I wasn’t needed I just sat down on the sofa and minded my business. (I asked if I should help but I wanst needed)

For context I was wearing a normal t shirt and some leggings. But no socks. This will be important later.

However during the visit my grandfather kept furiously pointing upstairs. Apparently he didn’t want to tell me what I needed to do but expected me to magically know.

After looking at everyone wearing masks I assumed he wanted me to wear one (I was pretty far away from everyone so I didn’t thought it was necessary)

So after I got up and put it on he seemed even more furious. I kept asking him what he wanted me to do but he refused to speak.

After the guy and the girl finished building the new bed and left, we sat down and talked a bit about the new bed, what happened etc.

That’s when I mentioned being confused at what he wanted me to do. And he promptly told me that it was vulgar for me to “display” my feet the way I did.

Faced with the absurdity of the situation I laughed, imagining how the two builders would say: omg look at how hot this girl is bc of her feet. ?

My grandmother then joined in, laughing with me about my “seductive” feet with the power to make any man horny.

My grandfather however exploded saying that it was indecent/disrespectful to be at home without socks in front of “strange” men.

He’s currently still mad at me for showing off my glorious feet in front of strangers.

So am I the AH for laughing at my grandpa for covering up my indecent feet?”

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