Hello, Mother…

Here’s a bag of rotten food for you!

I hope you love it!


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AITA for leaving a bag of rotten food on my mom’s door step?

“About a week and a half ago my mom called me while I was at work and said she wanted to drop off some groceries that I could use for my daughter and I. Now my mom and I do not have a good relationship, and I had been avoiding talking to her because of a separate conflict where she put my daughter in danger.

I thanked her for the gesture but told her that I would be going out of town for a bit, and would be leaving later in the day, and that I do not plan on stopping back home. She insisted again that all she had to do was walk down the street and said that I could use the food as snacks but I again declined because going back home would be out of my way. She got snappy and said that’s the last time she’ll offer to do a kind gesture for me, I let it go because i’m accustomed to my mom being like this.

Fast forward to a 2 days ago, I walked into my apartment to a bag of rotting groceries on my counter, fruit flies, rotting food juices all over my counter, I called my mom and asked her why she still brought the groceries, she said she thought I was lying about being out of town then hung up in my face and wouldn’t answer after, my mom lives a block down from me, so I put on gloves, put the food in a garbage bag, walked it down to her house and left it on the porch.

Yesterday she calls me and just starts flipping out saying she walked out that morning to rotten food and a ripped up garbage bag all over her porch and that it was disgusting, and I had no right to do that.

I simply hung up on her, and today I’m feeling bad, but not that I did it, but because I feel no remorse for what I did in retaliation. My stepdad was the one who ended up cleaning it up thought it was hilarious and said that it might teach my mom some boundaries, my grandmother said the same thing, but all of my mom’s friends and my aunts think it was wrong and that I shouldn’t have done it.”

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