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AITA for leaving someone else’s information on a damaged car?

“Yesterday, me and three coworkers went out to lunch. I drove. One of my coworkers was getting out of my backseat and door dinged the car next to us. It was bad.

We’re not talking about a tiny dent but a deep scratch with bare metal exposed. I told her it was bad damage and asked if she was going to leave a note. She said “no, we’ll just pretend that never happened.” And went along her way. I told her I really think she needed to leave a note but she just laughed. I decided to leave a note on her behalf.

I was about to leave my information but then realized I wasn’t responsible for the damage. I was very irritated that she didn’t care that she damaged someone’s property, so I left her name and number. Later, I got an irate phone call from her asking what I had done.

I told her I left a note explaining the damage and who the owner of the car could contact for repairs. She said I was an AH, was taking Christmas away from her kids, and uptight since door dings are part of owning a car.

I admit, I was very frustrated with her lack of care and fear that might have driven me to give up her info.


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